CZERT Technologies is a combination of multiple energy reduction and energy optimization technologies using multiple partners who stand as the leaders in their respective technologies. have brought them together in an alliance to assist our customers in reducing their energy costs.

1. HVAC Optimization

Chiller Optimization – This solution commissions your chillers at a higher level of efficiency and the energy savings can mount up to 40% + of your current energy costs. It provides you with a dashboard of solutions to give you real time recommendations to optimize your chiller operations. The software solution integrates with your BMS system. This uses your current equipment so there is no capital outlay.

Free Cooling-Economizers – An air-side economizer brings outside air into a building and uses it. Instead of being re-circulated and cooled, the exhaust air is simply directed outside during appropriate times of the year.

Intelligent Heating & Cooling System Controller – This intelligent controller is a “smart” micro-computer based energy saving device that can be easily installed on Commercial/Industrial central air conditioning systems. In laboratory tests conducted by independent testing laboratories and in real world installations, the intelligent controller has delivered energy consumption savings of 10% to 30% or more without affecting the temperature levels.

2. Refrigeration Optimization

A Refrigeration System, such as a Walk-In Cooler or Freezer works in a series of cycles that measures air in and around the product it’s cooling and is done so by a traditional start/stop method designed to maintain a pre-set required space temperature. The problem with this type of system is the word “AIR”. The temperature probe or sensor is measuring the air temperature, when it should be measuring the product temperature. Air is the fastest to heat up and the fastest to cool down, so imagine a walk-in cooler for instance. The inside air temp is at say 38 degrees, and there is a thermostat and copper temperature probe inside the unit that is controlling that refrigeration system.

Say someone needs to open the unit and grab some product, so the door is opened, the product is grabbed, and the door then is shut with the total time of the process being roughly 10 seconds. The problem is, the warmer air that entered the cooler for that 10 seconds, made its way to the copper probe, the thermostat then realized a rise in temperature. Even though the temperature of the product did not change, the compressor was turned on due to a quick blast of warmer air and now will run for at least 4-6 minutes for nothing.

Led stripes light

3. LED Lighting

LED lights use half the energy of fluorescent bulbs and last 4-5 times longer. In addition, you get a significant increase (usually double) in foot candles with increased lighting. You also get a rebate from your energy company on the existing bulbs which we help you with that can amount to up to 50%. Payback on LED’s is 1-2 years with a IRR of 20-40% on average. WE EVEN HAVE LED LIGHTS WHICH ARE GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

4. Cool Roofs

Cool (or white) roofs have been around for a long time. You’ve probably seen pictures of the stepped homes in Greece leading down to the sea. Almost all of the roofs are stained white. The Greeks figured out hundreds of years ago that this kept the temperature down for some reason in this warm sunny climate. White roofs were introduced in the U.S. around 1970 and have grown in popularity as businesses have seen the economic and environmental advantages of a cool roof system.

Some simple cool roof facts:

  • White roofs can reflect up to 70% or more of the sun’s rays
  • Target stores began testing cool roofs in 2001 and since have installed them in most all their 2,000 stores nationwide finding they save them as much as 11% in their average daily air conditioning costs
  • Roof temperatures on a hot day can be 40-60 degrees cooler on a white vs. a dark roof
  • Over 1.6 Billion square feet of cool roofs have been installed in North America to date

If you replace all the building roof today with white roofs, and you go to cement-style pavement instead of blacktop-style pavement, it would be a reflection of the sunlight back into space that would be the equivalent as if you took off all the automobiles of the world [off the road] for 11 years.”

Steven Chu, U.S. Energy Secretary

In a study by Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Former Commissioner California Energy Commission, and his team who set out to find the answer to this question: “How much CO2 equivalent is offset if we whiten all eligible urban flat roofs world-wide?”  The results and findings were:

  • 24 Gigatonnes or 2/3 of a year’s world-wide CO2 emissions
  • To put this in perspective that would be like taking 300 million cars off the road for 20 years (or about ½ the cars on the road world-wide)

As you can see, CZERT’s commitment to cool roofs plays a huge role in reducing our client’s energy costs and helping save the planet.

5. Energy Bill Audits

Over 80% of organizations are overcharged on their utility bills due to calculation errors and discrepancies billed by their utility and service providers. We offer auditing services for utility bills powered by National Utilities Refund (NUR). Discrepancies and errors in rate codes, taxes, and usage can lead to you over-paying tens-of-thousands of dollars.

  • We are offering these valuable auditing services risk-free to qualified customers.
  • We require no out-of-pocket costs and there is no obligation to move forward with the audit’s findings.

It’s a performance based relationship where our auditors are compensated with a percentage of the refund they’re able to retrieve for you


6. Rate Negotiation

In deregulated states we can perform a reverse auction or other negotiation technique to bid your energy to multiple sources.

7. Power Factor Controllers

Electricity moves in the form of a wave like the ripples on a pond. Whenever these waves turn a corner (as they do multiple times in a factory) between the junction box and the load the waves get a little distorted. The same as ripples do in a pond when they come across something on a pond’s surface. This results in the clean current becoming harmonically distorted (or dirty) at the load. Using this dirty current can result in several problems which ultimately cost your business money: (1) make motors run hotter thus shortening their lives and increasing their maintenance and repair costs, (2) increase in electrical usage due to this inefficiency, and (3) typically results in a power factor penalty charged by the utility for the inefficiencies caused by using dirty current. This last one alone can amount to thousands of dollars or more per month.

8. Peak Shaving

You are typically charged at the highest peak of your energy usage each month at that amount for the next 30 days. We have a solution that reduces those peak charges and gives you a substantial energy savings using battery technology and software. This can also be used in concert with Solar to collect during daylight hours and use at night.

Alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels against blue sky

9. Solar Technology

Reducing your energy costs via the use of solar arrays. Universities say your energy costs are going to increase at a rate of 4-5% per year. Over 5/10/15/20/25 years that is a significant increase. Solar will provide energy for the next 25 years (estimated useful life) at a flat rate allowing you to save a significant amount of energy dollars in a renewable and sustainable manner without using any of your physical resources. Energy savings via solar can add up to 50-70% of your current energy costs.

+ And so much more

Once we see your unique needs, our experts may recommend other technologies to help you save.

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