CZERT.solutions was born from the founder’s long time involvement in cost reduction across many industries and many sized companies. All companies, no matter what size or industry, have three things: office supplies, telecom, and energy usage. Through earlier startups he was able to drastically reduce companies’ office supply and telecom expenses (among others) but in the area of energy the previous approaches just did not work for something as specific, technical, and complicated as energy. Thus the more hands on customer centric idea for CZERT was born so that he could bring together the best energy reduction/optimization technologies and engineering teams together in an all-inclusive program designed to help any company drastically reduce their energy costs AND go green by reducing their carbon footprint.

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The Team

A solid team of seasoned industry experts in all areas of sustainability and energy efficiency/optimization was brought together. That along with the cost reduction consulting expertise and project leadership experience of the founder brought together a concept and the deep technical/engineering background to bring the best solutions to customers. Reducing energy consumption, becoming energy efficient, going green, and saving the planet are great goals. CZERT can help you achieve these goals in the most efficient way possible. We also show you how it is good for your bottom line. Together with our partners we can bring your company the best available Energy Reduction Technologies to help us help you keep our planet healthy for generations to come. Energy Reduction Technologies is in our name CZERT and in everything we do.

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