Reduce your energy consumption has teamed up with cutting edge partners who have the expertise to drastically lower your electric consumption and expense. This is a multi-pronged approach to reducing, cleaning, and optimizing your electric consumption. No one else offers a turn-key individualized solution like CZERT does.


Drastically reduce your energy bills


Go green and reduce your carbon footprint

Why work with CZERT?

Utilize proven cutting-edge
technology solutions

Maximize and optimize your savings based on your usage

Receive a collaborative approach targeted to your specific needs

Many of our technologies will also increase the lifespan of your equipment for even greater maintenance and replacement savings!

Want to save 20% or more on your company’s electricity spend?

Download your free copy of the CZERT Tech Report to learn how!

Turn energy into income

Not only will we reduce your energy consumption to its bare minimum but we’ll configure it in the most cost effective way for your organization’s needs. Our solution may even bring your net electrical energy costs to zero and in some cases allow you to earn money back on your new electric program.

Alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels against blue sky

Reduce your carbon footprint

All our solutions will increase your green posture and reduce your carbon footprint. With our unique financing program you can do all of this with little or no out-of-pocket costs by redirecting your energy savings toward the cost of the equipment over a few years and then subsequently retaining 100% of the long term savings.

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